Reduce your energy bills

What a Lighting Energy Audit involves

Through a network of regional centres, Taison can offer specialist lighting energy audits to clients looking to understand the amount of energy their property consumes and ways in which to reduce the cost of this.

Many facilities do not consider current operating costs when it comes to energy bills. Our lighting energy auditors will review current charges for electricity to enable property owners to understand the amount of energy that their property consumes on lighting but more importantly to understand how much it costs.

Lighting Energy Audit process

The survey process is relatively simple insofar that a highly trained and experienced assessor will attend the site and undertake a survey.

This will include:

  • A full inspection of every light fitting in and around the building that is to be included in the survey
  • An understanding of what costs were spent on electricity consumption over the last 12 months
  • An understanding of operating practices within the building and how the current light fittings are maintained

After obtaining all the required data the assessor will provide the client with a report that identifies how much the lighting in the building is costing each year. It will also identify ways in which energy and costs can be reduced. We would then prepare a free no obligation quotation for new LED products which will identify:

  • The payback period (normally under two years)
  • The capital cost (if any)
  • The options to rent and the monthly savings this immediately provides
  • The option to provide finance
  • The availability of any grant funding
  • Any Tax advice regarding capital allowance and the Chancellors new Super Deduction Scheme.

The Benefits of a Lighting Energy Audit

Lowering environment impact with sustainable solutions

Minimising your carbon footprint with the adoption of new or updated energy efficient lighting

Cost savings

Replacing energy waste with energy efficient lighting products to enhance operations and deliver long term results for your facility

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