Save up to 6% on your lighting costs

Generous rebate scheme

The Taison Group work very closely with Electrical Contractors of all sizes and can offer as much as a 6% rebate. We do this by either trading directly, through one of our Partner Organisations or through a third-party company such as an electrical wholesaler or other specialist lighting supplier.

We have always encouraged Contractors to work closely with us as many of the services we provide are particularly useful. Many of these services are provided free of charge, although registration is required. Whilst there are incremental steps built in to the 6% rebate, monthly rebate credits are raised on every pound spent on any product or service purchased through Taison or one of our Partner organisations where a direct account is held.

We also offer a very specialised rebate scheme for Contractors who buy Taison products but prefer to purchase through their current supply chain partner. In essence we reward you for buying a Taison product even though you don’t buy it from us directly.

Find out more about out rebate scheme. Call 01274 521550 Or enquire online