5 year fully serviced onsite warranty

Taison warranties

Taison are so confident in the quality and performance of their products that they are able to offer a range of flexible warranty options that are unbeaten by any lighting company in the UK

Fully Serviced Onsite Warranty

Taison offer a 5 year onsite fully serviced warranty for all products that fall within the Professional Range. Under this warranty all costs are covered by our own approved inhouse contractors. Our Contractors will visit the site of the client under the warranty and repair or replace the faulty part, at no extra charge.

This warranty is unique to Taison and includes an engineer onsite anywhere in the UK should your product fail within the terms of the warranty; in contrast to conventional schemes that may offer to send a new part. This service endorses Taison Contract Lightings’ confidence in the quality of lighting design and manufacture available.

Onsite fully serviced warranty includes...

  • Contractor costs
  • Delivery costs
  • Collection costs
  • Installation costs
  • Access equipment costs (cherry pickers etc)

Taison contractors onsite carrying out a warranty repair

Product replacement warranty

For the Taison Commodity range, a replacement product warranty is available and unlike industry standards Taison will also cover both the collection and delivery costs under warranty.

Warranty extensions

Taison allows any product warranty term to be extended at point of purchase and the added flexibility to upgrade from a standard replacement to an onsite warranty. The Taison warranty is up to five years, with an option to extend it further; which is particularly important when managing facilities where costs need to be fixed for a term of five to ten years. Every product carries a unique code confirming the provenance to clients

Replacement warranty includes...

  • Delivery costs
  • Collection costs

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